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Carla Bridgewater is one of Calgary’s premier producers of broadcast quality Television, Web, Corporate, Documentary and Live Event productions.

As one of Calgary’s most experienced independent Producer/Directors, Carla Bridgewater brings her extensive television experience to the table when working on projects. Carla has produced, directed and written hundreds of television and video projects, including award-winning television documentaries, commercials and multi-camera live events.

Carla is attracted to socially conscious productions that serve the public interest. For example, Tough to Swallow (directed by Carla for Scout Communications), chronicled the shamefully poor quality of food served to seniors in government institutions. The documentary was instrumental in forcing the government to upgrade the food at seniors homes across Alberta.

The phrase “story is everything” applies to Carla’s work. She firmly believes that every production must contain meaningful content, produced in a way that engages the viewer and imparts messages in a clear, concise manner.

Working with the finest post-production houses and freelance talent, Carla produces for any medium, on time and on budget.

Whether you are looking for a complete production crew, or specific specialities such as Producer, Director, Script Assistant, Narrator, Script Writer– Carla Bridgewater has the talent to complete everything from small corporate videos to large television productions.


It's how you say it

A production has impact when it leaves the viewer with a message. It can be subtle or overt, but message is always the key. We thrive with this creative challenge.


All in a day's work

We have more than 25 years of service in and around Alberta. Doing the job right is extremely important to us, and we pride ourselves on producing work that is of the highest quality.


We love our jobs

We bring stories to life, making work that matters to our city and to our community. We have the good fortune to work with amazing clients in a dynamic industry.
The documentaries, Learning Disabilities: Hidden Gifts, are exceptional. They bring a powerful voice to the main issues concerning learning disabilities across the lifespan. They are accurate, straightforward, engaging and moving.
Dr. Lex Wilson, Mount Allison University, Sackville, New Brunswick
Congratulations on the launch of the new series, A new Look at Aging. I was very impressed with what I saw
TV Viewer

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Carla prides herself on being approachable and welcoming with new clients. You have a vision, and she has the expertise to create it.
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